Website Audit & Growth Strategy

Identify problems and chart the path ahead

Is your site not living up to the goals you’ve set for it? Let us take a look and help get you on the right path.

We’ve helped lots of site owners put their website on beast mode and reach traffic and revenue model goals.


Do you have a website that’s not heading in the right direction or has plateaued? Or maybe you got hit by a Google algorithm update?

We can help you.

You don’t know what you don’t know. And sometimes it’s difficult to see bigger for your online projects.

That’s where we come in.

Whether you’re a hobby blogger, affiliate marketer, or e-commerce store owner, our insight helps you fix any problems and plan for the future.

What We Offer

Our audit and growth strategy service isn’t your normal technical SEO audit with pages upon pages of notes about orphaned pages, schema problems, etc.

Think of it more as a site teardown with a business consultation and beast-mode strategy blueprint.

We analyze your site for any problems.

We point out the weaknesses and strengths of your site and online business.

We give you a roadmap that takes you from your current location to more site traffic and more revenue.

We help you think big.

How It Works

After you give us your website, we briefly review it and ask you some questions. This is our intake process.

We don’t have a template of questions to ask because each site is unique. We can only ask our initial questions after having a look at your site.

Once we get your responses, we get to work.

We go through your entire site, your social profiles, and anything else that you use to drive traffic and revenue to the site.

We do a comprehensive analysis of your industry and your competition.

We look for problems and opportunities.

On average, this process takes 14-21 days.

We type up a report that includes our findings and recommendations, record a video to explain anything super technical, and give you a road map for the future. You’ll get actionable suggestions that you can start on immediately to boost your traffic and revenue.

And, you get a one-on-one call to go over the report and ask any questions.

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Questions? Reach out to us at and we’ll see if your site is a good fit for this service.

One-time fee

audit & Growth Strategy


Delivery in 14-21 days

PDF report + video + one-on-one call