What Kind Of Backlinks Can You Get With Real Outreach?

Shawna Newman

Whenever you purchase the services of a link building agency, you never really know what kind of backlinks you’ll end up with until the final order report is delivered. Sometimes you end up with really awesome links, most of the time the links are just okay, and in some instances you end up disappointed or angry about the backlink quality.

Here at Skipblast Digital, when we do outreach it is the real deal. We do everything manually so that we can find the best quality sites for clients that offer topical relevancy as well as the opportunity for some qualified referral traffic.

We don’t vet sites based on Moz DA or any other potentially useless site authority metric. Instead, we look for sites with real traffic. Sometimes this means that we end up securing link placements on sites with really high authority scores. Sometimes those authority scores are just okay. If you’re shopping for a link building agency based on DA or another authority score, then you might be disappointed with us.

But if you care about niche relevancy and real traffic, then we’re probably a good fit for you.

To give you an idea of the types of sites we’ve landed backlinks on for our clients, here’s a sample of some links we secured recently:

We recently secured links for a service-based business on the following websites:

outreach site one

outreach site two

outreach site three

For one of our ecommerce clients, we recently secured a link on the following website:

outreach site four

For one of our affiliate website clients, we recently secured a link on the following website:

outreach site five

Of course, these screenshots mean nothing unless you can see the benefit that backlinks like these offer your website.

Below you can find some screenshots of the traffic growth of some of our clients.

For our affiliate site client who got the link mentioned above, we began work in early June with the 10-links/month package and their traffic has been steadily climbing each month since we began.

ahrefs traffic

For one of our service-based business clients, we started working with them on our 5-links/month package in early May. They had previously been working with an agency that delivered links on PBNs built on expired domains. As you can see in the traffic chart below, that strategy resulted in a bit of a penalty in February.

traffic ahrefs 2

Since we specialize in white hat link building, we recently got the opportunity to work on a site that was given an unnatural links penalty from Google. The site had to disavow a large percentage of their backlinks to get the penalty removed. As a result, this client needed a lot of links to replace those that were removed. With two months of our 15-links/month package, this client’s traffic is now back to what it was before the penalty.

penalty traffic recovery

We don’t guarantee the same results that you see above, or even the same links. But, we can guarantee you that we will take the time to get backlinks for you on some relevant sites with real traffic. When you’re ready to take your site to the next level, our premium white hat link building service will help you get there.

Interested in working with us? Check out our blogger outreach service to see if we’re a good fit for your white hat link building needs.

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