White Hat DFY HARO Backlinks

We’ve been building HARO backlinks since 2016.

Boost your digital marketing and SEO efforts with old school public relations via HARO.

If you’re not familiar with HARO (Help A Reporter Out), then let us give you the Cliff Notes version of this powerful link building and digital PR strategy below.


What Is HARO?

HARO is a platform where journalists post requests for quotes and sources for articles that they are working on.

As a website site owner, you qualify as a source. So, as those daily HARO emails roll in, you have multiple opportunities to offer your responses and potentially earn a backlink to your website.

They send out emails three times per day, Monday through Friday. Sometimes there’s only a few requests in the email, other times there are well over 100 requests per email.

Using HARO is 100% free for both journalists and sources.

You can literally do HARO link building on your own for free. (We recommend doing it for 3 months to see awesome results) You’ll have zero costs involved other than three months of your time.

Or, you can hire us to do it for you.

HARO Link Building Service

Want us to take over your HARO efforts each month? We offer this service on minimum number of pitches + a guaranteed link minimum basis.

  • We monitor the daily HARO emails to identify opportunities for you.
  • We send responses to HARO queries for you.
  • We keep all of our responses and a tracking spreadsheet for your reference.
  • We’ve been doing HARO link building since 2016.
  • We can work with in most niches
  • We don’t surprise you with any extra fees.
  • We cannot guarantee DR/DA of links acquired.
  • We cannot guarantee that some links won’t be “nofollow”
  • We cannot guarantee niche relevancy.

One-time payment Plan

expert quote links

guaranteed links


Minimum of 45 pitches

Minimum of 4 links

TAT: 60-100 days

How It Works

Once you pay for our package above, you’ll see an intake form after a successful payment. Once you complete that, we can get started.

In the form, we ask for:

  • Your website URL
  • The name you want us to use for responses
  • A URL where we can get a picture for your persona/yourself
  • A brief bio (around 50 words or so) for your website’s persona

After we receive your completed form, then we get started setting up your account for outreach.

  • We create a dedicated email address that we use to do replies for your site
  • We setup an AirTable spreadsheet to track our responses
  • We give you the link to the spreadsheet, so you can refer to it when needed

Then, we spend as long as it takes responding to HARO queries for you until we secure your links.

If we land our link minimum before we’ve met our number of pitches minimum, we just keep pitching – meaning you may get some bonus links!

This typically takes us around three months of work since we are at the mercy of the journalists.

It’s often slow in the beginning, since it takes journalists a while to get articles up with your link. So, don’t worry if you don’t see any new links populate on the spreadsheet for a few weeks at the start.

During this period, you’ll only hear from us if we’ve found a great opportunity for you where we need additional information from you.

Once we get to the end of our period working together, we’ll reach out to you and ask if you want to continue working with us. No hard feelings if you don’t. But if you do, then we’ll just keep doing what we do – getting you awesome white hat backlinks.

HARO Link Building FAQs

Not sure if our HARO links service is for you? Or if we’re the right HARO agency for you? Let us try to answer some common questions for you.

Does this work with affiliate sites?

Yes, if the site is a high quality site with a good persona or a real person.

How many links can I get per month?

If you’re doing this on your own, it varies. Sometimes it takes more than a month for a journalist’s article to go live. Sometimes there’s aren’t many requests for your niche. We guarantee at least four links.

Can you focus only on answering HARO queries in my niche?

No, we answer any queries that you meet the qualifications for. Sometimes these are general topics.

Can I give you a list of domains to exclude since I already have links from them?

No, we can only make our minimum link guarantee by being able to answer any opportunities you qualify for, on any site listed in the HARO emails.

Can I get you to build links faster?

No, we do not prioritize one client over another.

I saw X query in one of the HARO emails that’s perfect, why didn’t you answer it for me?

We maintain an internal blacklist of sites that don’t actually link out, so that is likely why we don’t respond to something you think we should.

What DA/DR are the links I will get?

We have no way of knowing what the DA/DR of links we acquire will be until we actually get you those links. That’s why we make no guarantees on link DA/DR.

Do I get a refund if you don’t secure any links for my site?

No, we guarantee a minimum number of links and pitches (see package details above). In the event that we don’t secure that number of links once our time is up, then we just keep working at no extra cost until we get those links.

Can I get a discount if I hire you for more than one site?

Contact us to see if this is something we can offer based on your situation.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. You can pay for one package and that’s it. We won’t rebill you, unless you ask us to.

How long does it take to land backlinks with HARO?

This depends on the journalist. We’ve had links go live in less than one week of responding. And the longest amount of time it took for a link to appear was 6 months! On average, we see it take 30-45 days before a link goes live.

How long will it take for me to see good results if I do this myself?

Since some journalists take several weeks to get your link live, we recommend spending at least three months on HARO link building.

What about no-follow links?

We cannot guarantee that the links we secure for you won’t be no-follow links. That’s just the nature of link building. If you don’t want any nofollow links, then we’re not the agency for you.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Once we start work for you, we do not offer refunds.

Do you offer white label services?

No, not at this time.

Do you have any case studies?

Yes, case study #1 and case study #2.