Case Study: Traffic Up 750% From Our HARO Links Service (Hobbies niche)

In January 2020, we took on a client that had been experiencing stagnant traffic and growth. Fresh off the holiday shopping season and this affiliate site owner was actually seeing a decrease in traffic and revenue.

The site didn’t have any penalties and didn’t appear to have been affected by an algorithm update.

The site owner actually enjoys the hobby that’s the topic of the site and most of the content is high quality stuff written by the owner.

Prior to coming to us, the site owner spent more than two years focused on guest post link building with minimal results for all that effort.

We advised the owner that it would take at least 90 days of our HARO links service before a monumental change in traffic would start to be noticeable in analytics and the SERPs.

The site is a hybrid affiliate/informational content model.

27 New High DR Links Built In 4 Months

For this site, we just did our standard HARO link building. While this niche does sometimes pop up in the HARO emails, we utilized shoulder niches for most of the HARO links that we acquired for this client.

We also landed some additional high DR links in the the business and careers/employment niches.

Note: we did get a bit lucky with all of the work-at-home HARO requests that came in during March 2020.

We ended up working on this site for a total of 4 months.

During that four month period, we added a total of 27 new referring domains to the site.

  • Highest DR: 92
  • Lowest DR: 38
  • Average DR: 64

links from haro service

7.5x Traffic Increase From Our HARO Links Service

Though the traffic growth started out small, this site owner saw traffic grow by 750% by the end of our four month period doing HARO outreach for this site.

The site owner was doing no other link building during the period. It was only the HARO links we acquired that propelled the traffic growth for this site.

Want to know the best part?

This increase in traffic pushed the site over the necessary requirement for a premium ad network during our final month of working on the site. So the site owner got a new revenue stream while we were finishing up our work.

4 month traffic increase from HARO links

Two months after we completed work on this site, the site owner recouped his investment in our service just from the revenue coming in from display ads.

The site growth also resulted in a major brand in the niche noticing the site and reaching out to the owner to do some paid promotions on the site. That’s even more additional revenue for this site owner as a result of our HARO link building efforts.

Key Findings

By taking our advice and giving the HARO links service at least 90 days to kick in and give the most benefit, this site owner saw an amazing growth in traffic that resulted in two new revenue streams.

  • New high DR links: 27
  • Traffic increase: 7.5x

You can see in the traffic screenshot above that the first couple of months were mostly just minimal growth. But after that traffic really took off, even though it was not the high season for the niche.

If you’re ready to see what kind of HARO links we can score for your site, then reach out to Shawna at or click here for more information.